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The Practice of Creative Mind
We stand on a great threshold, where every part of our lives is challenging us to change: the environment, our governments, our relations with each other, our connection to our core self and our many contradictory parts.

It seems that the very fabric of our consciousness needs to transform.

At such intense transitional points, the past no longer works and the future is not yet clear.

At times like this, we need a creative mind.

— Stephen Gilligan PhD

Dr. Stephen Gilligan introduces 'Creative Mind'
Developed by Stephen Gilligan
Creative Mind sees life as a creative evolution of consciousness through multiple levels: Spirit, Nature, and three levels of Mind (Collective, Individual, and Integral).

It sees core identity as a "community of mind" that connects all parts of a system: light/shadow, self/other, family/cultural/gender members of a community, etc.

The interconnectedness of these different levels and parts is the distinguishing characteristic of a creative system, and their disconnectedness is the basis of all persistent suffering and symptoms.

Creative Mind teaches that realities (both positive and negative) are constructed and, most importantly, teaches a set of methods for creating sustainable positive realities.

Creative Mind strives to connect people and communities to the "ever present origin" of creative consciousness, so that a new sense of self and community can develop.

Creative mind is the newest generation of the work that Mr. Gilligan has been developing and practicing for over 40 years.

And now, both for personal transformation and professional development, we are pleased to announce the first Coach Certification Course in CM.

This is a 1-year online training comprised of 9 modules: a 1-day introduction and eight 3-day programs. These 3-day programs can also be studied individually.

Graduates of this program will be certified as Creative Mind Coaches and become part of the CM professional community.

Come join us!
The deepest part of me
is not fear, nor helplessness.
The deepest part of me
is peace and harmony.
— Stephen Gilligan
Mr. Gilligan introduces 'Creative Mind'
What have you come into the world to do?
What is your gift?
What is the meaning of your life?

To answer these questions, we need a creative mind connected to the source of spirit and light, connected to the history of consciousness, to the individual self, body and mind, and to all consciousness yearning to awaken.

Creative Mind | Stephen Gilligan introduces his new online courses

Stephen Gilligan
An American psychologist specializing in creative change.

Stephen was one of the NLP students at UC Santa Cruz. After receiving his psychology doctorate from Stanford University, he became a teacher and practitioner of Ericksonian hypnotherapy. This work unfolded into his Self-Relations, and then further (in collaboration with Robert Dilts) into Generative Coaching. These different traditions have all been updated and integrated into the present Generative Change Work, which includes the applications of Generative Coaching, Generative Psychotherapy, Generative Trance, Hero's Journey, and Systemic Change work.

Stephen has taught in many cultures and countries, and has published many books. His books include The Hero's Journey: A Voyage of Self Discovery (co-authored with Robert Dilts), Therapeutic Trances, The Courage to Love, The Legacy of Erickson, Walking in Two Worlds (with D. Simon), and Generative Trance: The Experience of Creative Flow. His forthcoming book is Generative Coaching (co-authored with Robert Dilts).

Life can be a journey of creative unfolding. But you need to be in a creative state to participate.

— Stephen Gilligan
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