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Do we get continued access to the CM Course video recordings?
Yes. All CM participants will have access to the CM videos forever.
What are the requirements for CM certification?
To certify, it is necessary to complete all the modules.

However, the cycle will be repeated in 2022 and 2023 - and you can go through the modules in any sequence.

The exceptions are CM 7 and CM 8 - the culmination and Certification end the Course.
Here I noticed that it is 1 hour longer. 11:00 p.m. European time is really a very late end. Personally, I found the time between 5 and 10 p.m. in February to be perfect.

Is there a special reason for the 1-hour extension?
Yes. This is a Certification Course and the curriculum is more comprehensive.

The daily schedule must provide time sufficient for Dr. Gilligan's teaching and live demonstrations, as well as exercises, group explorations, discussions and Q&A.

I participated in the 4-day Generative Coaching in February. Can it be counted as a part of the whole Creative Mind certification coaching?

Are they 2 distinct coaching programs or are the parts interchangeable?
No, an IAGC Generative Coaching module cannot replace a Creative Mind Coaching module.

And yes, they are different courses, though with much in common.

Is there any plan to continue with a Stephen/Robert collaborative, online, Generative Coaching course? Perhaps in 2022?

The 4-day Generative Coaching online course in February 2021 was the first module of a 15-day IAGC Generative Coaching certification course.

The second, third, and fourth modules are planned for 2022 (and the first module will be repeated).
Can anyone clarify the role of Generative coaching v Creative Mind?

Both Gen Coaching and Creative Mind are very appealing. Is there a key difference in content? Feel free to refer me to a website!
Here is the Generative Coaching website:

The Creative Mind certification is the next generation of my work.

I would generally describe those generations as:
1. pre-NLP Bandler/Grinder work;
2. ERicksonian hypnosis and psychotherapy;
3. the post-Ericksonian Self-Relations work i developed;
4. Generative Coaching (with Robert);
5. Generative Trance;
6. and now Creative Mind.

the CM work really focuses on integrating (non-religious) Spirit, Nature, collective mind, individual mind, and Integral Mind in creating a post-ego-dominant world.
That's where my greatest passion is these days.
You can get a taste of the work from the new certification website and also from the free 90-minute webinar, info and registration found on the website.
GC v.s. CM
Generative Change vs. Creative Mind
(from Stephen Gilligan)
Generative Change

The GC work started around 15 years ago, in collaboration with Robert Dilts.

reality is conversationally constructed.

via filters (somatic, cognitive, field).

held by human presence in either a locked (CRASH) or flow (COACH) state.

Primary focus: how to unite the different components of a creative system—intention, performance state, resources, obstacles, and the underlying field—into a differentiated but harmonized state.

Intention: to foster creativity and transformation.

2 complementary branches of GC:
Generative coaching focuses primarily on creative performance in the outer world.
Generative trance work focuses on deeper realities wherein major identity transformation can occur.
Generative Trance is one great tradition for becoming a true anam cara (friend of the soul), and for understanding the deep plasticity of consciousness forms

The new generation of Creative Mind (CM)
Creative Mind emerged partly in response to seismic irruptions in the world demonstrating the unsustainability of ego-dominant realities wherein nature, women, people of color, non-ego inner intelligence, and many "others" are treated violently and inhumanely.

The unfairness and unsustainability of ego-dominant realities call out for new types of story, relationship, and practices.

The CM Coach Certification Course is a response to that call.

CM strives to heal these fractures by opening an integral space that is deeper (levels of consciousness) and wider (many different communities of mind) than ego.

CM posits:
a vertical axis of consciousness creating reality through Spirit, Nature, collective mind, individual mind, and Integral mind

a horizontal axis of "community of mind," with a matrix of many different members (culture, gender, social role, sexuality, etc.)

a living spirit = "pattern that connects"

sustained suffering when human spirit locks down and withdraws from part(s) of the fields.

The CM modules form a mosaic map for sustainable transformation at both individual and collective levels.

CM is not merely a cosmetic rewording of GC work, it's a new generation—many new courses, new techniques, new frameworks.

The Community of Creative Mind (CCM) is an organization and a next-generation* framework.

It offers its own certification program for Creative Coaching.

CM is a new framework for doing Generative Coaching (GC) and Generative Trance (GT) work.
GC and GT certifications will be honored and supported within CCM.

The GT programs such as Trance Camp will always have a special place, informed by the CM framework.

Just as Generative Change was the share framework for GC and GT, CM will be the underlying framework for its various forms—GT, GC, and CM methods.
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