Creative Mind Practice
Creative Mind Deepening practice with Kathleen Dameron
Let's Make the Creative Mind
Our Practice
Step 1 – I open a Creative Mind space with a positive intention of deepening our practice by offering resources so that we can reach Step 6 – Bring it into the world. And Step 7 – Grow it daily.

The Creative Mind journey within this awesome community of like-spirited people has been an enriching, stimulating, growth experience.

Creative Mind is a practice. A regular rendez-vous to engage your practice, making it real inside of you.

Practice gets it in the muscle.

Together we go further, deeper, faster.
Starting in April, let us continue together to:

  • Embody our Creative Mind skills we have learned.
  • Embed our practice in community,
  • Enact regularly in deeper and deeper Expression.
  • Always mindful of Empathy for ourselves then others.

Join me in this journey starting Monday April 4 at 7 am.

We will:
  1. Listen to Stephen's guided meditations, then share resonances and insights. – This practice meets six times monthly
  2. Explore the coaching CM practice with others. - This practice meets four times monthly
  3. Each month we will mutually agree on the calendar.

  • Includes Chats and discussions in Mighty Network.
  • Some sessions will be archived and available for later viewing by group participants and on the Creative Mind YouTube channel.

When: online sessions agreed each month
Cost: 50 € a month subscription
Language: English and/or French