CM 8:
Advanced intensive: Session work

March 4-6, 2022
In CM 8, we will be focusing primarily on session work.

Dr. Gilligan will demonstrate Creative Coaching with participants in different kinds of situations, facing different kinds of obstacles.

Discussion of the particulars of each case will follow, with emphasis on the unique dimensions of each case and how CM's 7 steps were applied.

We will learn how every session, like every human life, unfolds in its own way.

We will learn that the deepest transformation comes from the deepest connection, from utilizing feedback from all the different parts of a person, and from welcoming every part of the person's experience as integral to the transformation.

This is not only deeply awakening for the client, but for the coach as well.

The CM 8 menu includes group processes, demonstrations, discussions with Team leaders in small groups, exercises with partners in Zoom breakout rooms, and then integration with the main group.

Stephen Gilligan introduces "Advanced intensive: Session work".
These intensives forge deeply supportive communities, permitting you to explore as deeply as you like.

Come join us!
CM 8 module: 3-day