CM 7:
When technique fails
Advanced practices for healing and transforming core wounds

February 4-6, 2022
Let's face it: many psychological methods help for a while. But then, all too often, the therapeutic gains are derailed by unconscious "wounds" underlying a person's identity patterns.

These "wounds" from injuries to vulnerable parts of ourselves led us to dissociate and hide these core parts from the world.

Because they are so integral to our identity, humanizing and integrating these wounds unleashes precisely the resources needed for our happiness and success.

In CM 7, we will learn how to welcome these negative blocks as core resources for deep change and transformation.

This is one of the most exciting and powerful parts of Creative Mind work, as clients reconnect with the deepest parts of their life and regain their freedom.

Stephen Gilligan introduces "When technique fails".
Our exploration in this module will be focused on:
Opening an awareness deeper than the conscious mind.
Sensing and inviting "hidden presences" into a creative conversation.
Humanizing and integrating these parts.
Facilitating and welcoming transformation at the level of identity.
This module will be transformational, intense, and inspiring.
We will have many demonstrations, group trances, exercises, and some supervision.

Come join us.
CM 7 module: 3-day