CM 6:
Healing collective trauma fields:
Racism, misogyny, and other trans-generational shadows

3 days | January 7-9, 2022
Creative mind sees consciousness as unfolding through multiple levels of Spirit, Nature, Collective mind, Individual mind, and Creative Mind. The collective mind is trans-generational and mostly unconscious, carrying deep identity maps for family, group, and culture.

It is what we are born into, a heritage of both amazing jewels (cultural traditions, ancestral wisdom, family love) but also dark shadows and unintegrated wounds (such as racism, sexism, addiction, depression).

These collective shadows are rarely discernible when focusing on an individual and, even when visible, are unresponsive to cognitive verbal conversations.

In CM 6, we will focus on how these collective trauma fields create tremendous violence and suffering at every level of human life, and how they can begin to be healed.

Stephen Gilligan introduces "Healing collective trauma fields".
Some main topics:
Most of the "problems that won't go away" reflect collective trauma fields.
Because they are collective and operate beneath individual consciousness, effective connection with them requires multiple modalities: somatic sensing, social justice data, shared wounds in a family history, areas of deep negative emotions, etc.
How to move between individual and collective field consciousness.
The value of vows of creative non-violence.
The extraordinary human awakening that comes from commitment to sense and heal these shadow wounds.
Beginning to heal these transgenerational wounds demands courage, honesty, and an open heart.
It is a gift to our children yet unborn, who will not have to carry our shadows.

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CM 6 module: 3-day