CM 4 a+b:
Transforming core symptoms
Symptoms as Creative Acts
parts 1 & 2

6 days
Part 1: August 6 - 8, 2021
Part 2: October 1 - 3, 2021
A core premise of Creative Mind is that human creativity is primarily organized around basic needs – like safety, intimacy, individuation, community contribution, etc. And each of these human needs can be experienced and expressed in almost infinite ways.

In this six-day module, we will learn than needs met with positive presence and support develop as resources; while the same needs met with negative presence – criticism, indifference, exploitation, etc. – become negative symptoms. (And, paradoxically, attempts to get rid of these symptoms only feed them.)

Creative Mind does not attempt to get rid of symptoms but rather transforms them.
We will learn to welcome anxiety, loneliness, addictions, and negative habits as "positive changes trying to happen," and we will learn how to transform these problems into resources.

We will learn to create a resource state wherein a problem may be safely "welcomed."

Because, when love and curiosity meet the positive intention, or "shining spirit," at the heart of a problem, our world changes. When we accept our negative patterns, we begin transforming them into core resources.

Stephen Gilligan introduces "Transforming core symptoms".
In the six days of CM 4, we will explore:
how human patterns have equal capacity to be positive or negative and can be experienced and expressed in infinite ways.
how symptoms (depression, anxiety, addictions, persistent intimacy failure) are formed and maintained – and how they can be transformed into resources.
the positive functions of symptoms: depression (surrender), anxiety (vulnerability), negative habits (deep pre-verbal intimacy), and dissociation (separation and autonomy).
how to create a resourceful space that can safely welcome "negative" problems and transform them into core resources.
how the unconscious striving to fulfil basic needs can be harnessed for generative life experiences: positive intimacy; positive body image; surrender to a generative field; safe and open vulnerability; and creative professional development.
Our lesson plan: clear descriptions, real demonstrations, illustrative examples, group trances, and practical exercises.
You will learn how to ally yourself with problems, thus transforming them into essential resources.

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CM 4a module: 3-day

CM 4b module: 3-day