CM 3:
Human use of the self
Human connection as the key to creative change

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We are all connected by our shared humanity. Yet, in traditional change work, feeling this deep connection is avoided. We are trained to be "objective experts" who intellectually diagnose the "problem," and then try to change the system from the outside.

In Creative Mind, we bring our whole human presence when we work with people. We see this as the heart of ethical and effective work.

In this integrated type of connection, the practitioner is equally "inside" and "outside" the client's experience. This "double description" facilitates new maps and new possibilities.

Stephen Gilligan introduces "Human connection as the key to creative change".
And human connection is at the heart of the methods we will be studying:
a. How to create the conditions for a generative relational self:
- centering within self,
- opening to creative field,
- connecting to client's center,
- tracking sustained subtle information/energy.
b. How to connect with both the "conscious mind" (verbal, social, ego mind) and the "unconscious mind" (somatic, emotional, collective consciousness) of both self and others.
c. How to sense, welcome, and transform difficult emotions.
d. How to bring intuitive subtle awareness into interactions.
e. How to "receive healing" from each Coach session in a way that deeply empowers the client.
Learning to connect, think, sense, and act in these deeply relational ways is the key to achieving transformational outcomes.

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