CM 1:
Video Introduction to Creative Mind
Consciousness is a verb: The miracle and mastery of Creative Mind.
1 day - Prerequisite for all CM modules

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The world as we know it does not exist until we create it. This is one of the central truths of modern neuroscience and psychology:
We create our reality.

If our reality is based on fear, ignorance, and negative states, terrible things happen. If based on connection and awareness, wonderful things happen.

Creative Mind is the difference that makes the difference.

This 1-day course will teach you how reality is created and how problems arise from fixed or negative mind maps. You will learn Creative Mind methods to transform negative conditioning and develop new positive realities in their place.

Stephen Gilligan introduces "Consciousness is a verb: The miracle and mastery of Creative Mind".
Some topics covered:
An overall framework of how reality is created through different levels and across different relational conversations.
How these creativity channels can become neuromuscularly locked, sometimes for generations, thereby conditioning persistent and long-term suffering (both on the individual and collective levels).
How to safely and skillfully re-open these connections to channel positive healing and the capacity for creative development.
How these principles and methods can be applied across many different personal and professional contexts.
This workshop is experiential and intensive, while providing clear and practical frameworks and methods.

If you are planning to certify, your Team leader will find a partner with whom you can do the exercises and help you to catch up to the group before CM 2.

You will have access to the video recordings forever!

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Video Introduction: 1-day
Now available online